Surveillance Streams

All discretly installed at households / camps where one or more suspected "PT:UFS" members / S34M inflicted individuals are active.
All have been under montoring sinces the early rise of S34M with the exceptions of #1 #3 #17 & #51. We are currently experiencing external throwback signal errors and only a few streams are avalible


Due to external feed errors some channels are not functional.

(Our technicians are currently working on a permanet soloution for these issues)

Sweden. Known as one of the safest, most equal and democratic countries in the world has despite all these facts gone through some dramatic and earth-shattering changes these past few years. A country stricken by deep sorrow and anger due to the ruthless terrorist acts by the anti-democratic groups, but also a divided and concerned nation because of the wide spread of the illness "S34M".

No one could have ever thought or foreseen that the first bomb in Stockholm would just be the start of a wave of several terror acts the coming two years.
These vicious groups did not only attack us psychically as a country but also attacked crucial bank and government systems. They successfully disabled
governmental communication systems and national security protection system, leaving Sweden vulnerable to outer threats for six days.

Thanks to the trusty and very talented personnel within the national security and SSCA we managed repair the damage without any repercussions or potential threats.

The Swedish Safety And Control Authority was established as an official committee of the Swedish Gov. Shortly after the discovery of S34M and the rise of anti-democratic groups in Sweden but as a part of the National Defense Radio Establishment the origins of SSCA goes as far back as to the year 1942, during the era of World War 2.

In the past two years we have made a great change in both national and international security with our team of expertise on terrorism, S34M and highly educated personnel on computer networking, outer networks and decrypting management and development.
We also have unique social science documentation and successful studies on the phenomenas of the nation wide negative behavior the country has been afflicted with these past couple of years.

. To protect the nation and its citizens from inner and outer hostile threats.
. Locate organized groups/individuals that poses a threat to democracy.
. Manage, develop and store the PT:UFS register (documentation of hostile individuals and their connections).
. Manage, develop and store the citizen PT:UFS register and evaluate minimum level of personal surveillance(2-100%).
. To protect sensitive information regarding government committees and governmental systems.
. Forward needed information to the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) and the Swedish Police Force.

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